Looking for a place in St Louis Park your group can meet?

We have many groups who use our space for either weekly, monthly, or one time events. Boy Scouts, AA Groups, Neighborhood Associations, and service groups are just some of the people we welcome regularly. Perhaps you will be the next group to join us? Check our calendar to see which groups meet here and when the space would be available for your event!

Here is a brief glimpse into the spaces we have available:

  • Green Room: Space for around 20 people, carpeted with couches and comfortable chairs
  • Fellowship Hall: Space for upwards of 60 people, tile floor with lots of tables and folding chairs
  • Kitchen: Next to Fellowship Hall, great if you'd like to prepare or serve food at your event
  • Sanctuary: Pew space for over 150 people, excellent for a worship service or other presentation
  • Other rooms: If your group is less than 10 people, we have many other rooms that would also work

For all groups meeting at Spirit of Christ we ask that you help us take respectful care of our building and that you clean up after your group has finished. In many cases we do not require rent to be paid but donations to help defray the utility and maintenance costs are appropriate and appreciated. For more information or to ask about scheduling an event, please contact our office and we would be happy to help you out!